Questions on BAPI and RFC Programming

One BAPI to get status back of the delivery no ! >> RFC programming

1) I am creating purchase order(PO) and creating inbound delivery for that purchase order(PO) which will be distibuted to NONSAP((warehouse management) .
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Then NONSAP((ware house management) sends back the confirmation (after updating its Data base of that inbound delivery ) to SAP through IDoc which uses delivery number. I am sending delivery no(in IDoc) from Non Sap(ware house management) to Sap through JCO.

If you use Jco, which is the Java Connector, you know how to program
Java or you have a resource available that knows how to program java.

Then in SAP [after getting back that IDoc from NON-SAP((ware house management) ], the status of that delivery number will changes to "Confirmed". We can see that in SAP through transaction code : vl33n.
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I am not so familiar with VL33N, so I could not find this status change. Am I right to think that this status is stored in table LIKP field VLSTK ( Distribution Status (Decentralized Warehouse
Processing) ).

NOW , I need one BAPI which I can use from NON-SAP, to get back the status of that delivery number. My idoc sending from NON-SAP, since it is through idoc , it is not returning back the delivery number's status from SAP, I need to use one BAPI from nonsap (java prg) which takes input as delivery number and gives back the status of that delivery number from SAP.
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You need either a BAPI ( there is non that does what you want ), or you need an RFC.

2) What is RFC sever programming ? In which language is it in? I am an ABAP programmer. How can I deal that issue please guide me .
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Ahah. RFC ! So, RFC's are actually function modules, but in the Attributes tab you enable 'Remote-enabled module' and you enable 'Start Immediately'. RFC's are created with SE37, you can also create them with SE80.Advertisement

In the import section you would create a p_vbeln like likp-vbeln, in the export section you would create a p_status like likp-vlstk.

In the source code you would have something like

select single vlstk
into p_status
from likp
where vbeln eq p_vbeln.

And then in JCO you call this Function Module/RFC. The java person should know how to do this.