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Subject: HR-TM Object

My question will be more applicable for those people working with
the HR Time Management module.

I want to ask is there a way to populate the Time Clocking data for
employee using the BAPI/RFC. Though there are many partners solution
available in the market, we are unable to do so due to some legal
contract issue.

Presently, we have a non SAP certified system to capture the
employee clocking data. This system will then download a ASCII file
to interface to the SAP system before running the time evaluation

Any advise from someone out there? Thanks.

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Subject: RE: HR-TM Object

The way we handled it was to create an RFC that can be invoked by the
UNIX startrfc command. This is triggered by the transport process we
use to fetch and move files. This RFC is modeled after the channel 1
(CC1) import provided by SAP. The ASCII file seems to be the
smoothest solution at this time. I am told there are timeclocks out
there that have direct connectivity to SAP but I have not seen one at
this time.

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Subject: RE: HR-TM Object

We have a similar need. It looks like the TimeMgtConfirmation.Post
BAPI will do this. Take a look at it. I haven't used it yet, but
it appears to be what we need. We plan to build a web application
to report time that would use this (or similar) BAPI.

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Subject: RE: HR-TM Object

We have found that response time of BAPI's is too ong for mass input. Advertisement

I have approx 1 million punches a week coming into the system. This
would take tooooooooo long via a BAPI. Using the channel which is
SAP supplied, I can import 25,000 punches in 4 minutes. The only
reason I am using my own RFC is to remove some of the validation
checks being done by SAP (I have pre checked the data before the
import step) to speed things up.

I still do not trust HR BAPI's to work as advertised. They do NOT.

If your WEB application is using the BAPI directly (as the user
types) then the response time issue is probably not as important.
People can olnly type so fast. You may want to watch out for
licesnse issues with this though. The license is very expensive if
you have a large number of people using them. One license per person
is required!

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