Creating an Order BOM


You create an order BOM if you work in make-to-order production and want to respond to special customer wishes, or if you are manufacturing a product, which you have never before produced in that form. You want to change one or more assemblies specific to a particular order, without having to change the material BOM.

Process Flow

When you create an order BOM, there are two different possible process flows. Which of the two processes is relevant to you depends on whether or not you work with variant configuration.

  • # f you work without variant configuration, create an order BOM for a BOM to which you want to make order specific changes. Then, change the order BOMs according to customer requirements. You call up all the functions of the order browser. For more information, see

    # Creating Order BOMs Without Variant Configuration If you do work with variant configuration, assign values to the characteristics for the material in the sales order item, or the configurable assemblies. I

    f necessary, also make manual changes to the configurable assemblies. When you save the configuration, the system can generate order BOMs. For more information, see

    Creating Result-Oriented Order BOM If you need to, also create order BOMs for non-configurable materials (similarly to the process without variant configuration) using the order browser.

Material BOMs and order BOMs exist in the system independently of each other. Advertisement

When you create an order BOM and afterwards, make changes to the material BOM with the same material number, then the changes do not take effect in the subsequent processes (for example,
planned orders, production orders, purchase requisitions and so on).

However, material BOMs and order BOMs are merged in the variant configuration. At the same time, changes you made to the material BOM then take effect in the order BOM. You can find further information in Merging with Global Material BOMs