Distributing Inspection Setup Data Using Change Documents


You use this procedure to distribute inspection setup data automatically, using change documents.


  • When the inspection setup is created, changed or deleted, change documents must be written.

If you use the mass processing function for the inspection setup and want to distribute the data you have changed, you must have set the Create change documents indicator in the mass processing for the inspection setup function.

  • You must have made the relevant settings in Customizing.


  1. In the source system, choose Tools ALE Administration Services Change pointers Evaluate
  2. Enter the message type MATQM and choose Execute.

The system selects the data that has been changed and writes it to one or more IDocs.

One IDoc is created for each material and plant. This means that an IDoc can contain several data segments, if there are several inspection types for the material-plant combination. If there are several materials, then several IDocs are created.

  1. In the target system, choose Tools ALE Administration Services Monitoring Manually process IDocs.
  2. From the list, select the IDocs to be transferred and choose Process.

The number of IDocs in the source and target system are not the same.
You can automate the processing. This means that the posting of the IDocs takes place immediately and does not have to be triggered manually.

  • After running various checks, the system writes the inspection setup to the application tables in the target system.
  • If an error occurs during one of the checks, it is documented in the ALE tool. If errors occur, the processing is cancelled and the data is not saved in the target system.
  • In the target system, a message list is created in ALE services that shows the status of the posted IDocs (and of those that have not been posted because they contained errors), as well as the short text for the error message (if required).

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