The Excel OR function returns TRUE if one condition are TRUE. It returns FALSE if all of the conditions are FALSE.

To determine whether the output will be TRUE or FALSE, the function evaluates at least one mathematical expression located in another cell in the spreadsheet.

The syntax for the OR function is:
=OR (Condition1, Condition2, ...)
condition is something that you want to test that can either be TRUE or FALSE.

To use the OR( ) function (an example)

Type in the number in cells C1 and C3 as follow:

Click on cell C5 where the results will be displayed.Advertisement

Type =OR(C1>500, C2>500, C3>500) in cell C5
Once finish, press the Enter key on the keyboard.
The answer TRUE appears in cell C5.

If any of these three cells (C1,C2, or C3) contains a value greater than 500, the output for the OR function in cell C5 will be TRUE. If all three cells have numbers less than or equal to 500, the output will be FALSE.