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Thread: Pre-SAP Work Time Adjustment

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    Create Time Transfer Specifications (2012)

    21. Update the following required and optional fields:

    Field Name
    Number of hours
    Enter the number of hours to be added or subtracted (-).
    Enter value in Number of hours.
    Example: -3.00

    22. Click Enter ****on.
    23. Click Save (Ctrl+S) ****on.

    Information: Enter the number of hours to be adjusted, positive or negative, click Enter to validate the data and then save your data.
    For example:

    If 8.5 hours of time worked was not reported, enter 8.50 hours.
    If 3 hours too much time worked was reported, enter -3.00 hours (as in this screen shot).

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    Maintain HR Master Data

    24. Click All radio ****on.
    25. Click Overview (Shift+F8) ****on.

    Information: To view the data you just entered, choose the All time period ****on and click Overview.

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    List Time Transfer Specifications (2012)

    26. Click Back (F3) ****on.

    Information: The data entered is displayed.

    27. The system task is complete.


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