Nick Halstead on his blog posts a list of interview questions from Yahoo! that a friend of his supplied, apparently free of NDA. Yahoo! is a strong PHP shop, with a few big names like Rasmus Lerdorf leading PHP development there.

A few questions on PHP functions, and “what does this code do?” type of questions that seem a bit off-the-mark in PHP environment, with naming consistency like array_pop and shuffle (both do operations on array), and frequent swaps in the order of parameters passed in. Some fairly good questions, though:

How do you debug a PHP application? - Interesting to see what the interviewee used outside of echo’s and error_log’s.

Is PHP better than Perl? Discuss. and before that What’s the difference between the way PHP and Perl distinguish between arrays and hashes? - not sure how that relates to someone who’ve been using PHP all around, but occasionally played around with Perl, or vice versa, but nevertheless some good starting points for discussion.