Have you considered offline promotion methods? True that your business may be essentially online but the people browsing your site and buying your products have a non-internet presence too! Have you ever tried to reach out to them when they are not connected to the internet? This is an area of promotion that falls into the blind spot of most webmasters. Offline marketing tactics might not drive as much traffic as an online marketing campaign, but they will prove to be a very cost-effective way to build credibility. You’re URL or website address is obviously the key here. The more exposure your URL receives the more traffic you will send to your website.

Business Cards
It is considered customary to put your signature when you post on forums and someone not doing so is viewed as one who is losing some traffic everyday. So, it comes as a surprise to me as to why so many of us shy away from putting our business urls on our business cards. In fact, the business card will last longer than the forum threads on search engines and are potential business hooks whenever the need arises. Having a business card is a great way to introduce people you meet in day-to-day life about your blogging activity. Business cards are also very inexpensive to purchase with most costing less than 1 cent per card.

Newspapers and Magazines
These are a very good source of advertising because so many people use them. It can be quite expensive to run full page color adverts in the national papers and glossy magazines, but you can start small. As a first step, you could try running a small advert in the classified section of your local papers. As your traffic and your business grow, you can move on to the larger national papers. Also, it would be worth finding out what sort of cost is involved in advertising in publications that gear more towards your specific product or service. This way you have more of a chance of reaching your target audience. Remember that people cannot copy and paste from newspapers to their browser’s address bar! Keep the urls simple and human readable.
Promotional Items
Give away items such as Pens, coffee mugs, key chains, coasters,calendars, sticky notesArticle Search, etc. should have your company logo and web address. Apart from building brand this also work as a dailyreminder for users of these items.

Readers Meet-upAdvertisement

If you have a substantial local reader base or live in a large metropolis, hold an official gathering for readers and people interested in your niche. It doesn’t have to be anything more than a casual get together to simply talk about the industry. This is a great way to strengthen the bond of your community and find new local readers. You can choose to hold these meetings at your home or at a more local and convenient location such as a restaurant, coffee shop, or even park.

Company Vehicles
How many vans, lorries and cars do you see everyday with phone numbers and company names plastered all over them. Your website address can be added to any part of your vehicle with a sticker, this exposes your URL to thousands of people everyday who are driving to work, going to the shops or even walking the dog. Make sure that you have this done professionally though. If it looks badly designed, it will probably reflect badly on your company.