She's two inches taller and wearing four inch heels.

But Tom Cruise still managed to measure up to Cameron Diaz at the Tokyo premiere of Knight & Day last night.
The actor, widely thought to wear inserts in his shoes, looking barely an inch shorter than his co-star.
The effect was heightened when the pair made clever use of a convenient staircase, with Cruise staying on step behind as they descended to meet the cameras.

Measuring up: She's two inches taller and wearing heels, but Tom Cruise stands as tall as Cameron Diaz at the Night and Day Premiere in Japan

Cruise's apparently fluctuating height has been widely noted.

The 5ft7 star has appeared as tall as his 5ft9 wife Katie Holmes on various occasions, sparking speculation that he wears shoe lifts.
These are inserts that can be placed inside shoes in order to discreetly lift the man's heel - and, thereby, his height.
A more extreme alternative, the so-called 'elevator shoe', sees the lift made an integral part of the footwear, allowing a man to boost his height by as much as four inches.
A full set of shoe lifts can cost £250, while a single pair of off-the-shelf elevator shoes will set you back between £50 and £100, with bespoke pairs costing up to £1,700.
He looks tall! Cruise stayed a step behind Cameron as the pair descended down a staircase to meet the press

Yesterday Cruise wore thick black boots tucked into his jeans as he walked the red carpet.

He and Cameron were once again promoting what was billed as their big summer hit, but failed to make an impact at the box office.

The movie was released in the U.S. and the UK at the beginning of August and has already dropped out of cinemas across both countries.
But if the Western world is sick of the sight of them by now, their reception in the Land of the Rising Sun was a different story.

Eastern beauty: Cameron looked stunning at the premiere in a figure-hugging black dress and trendy multi-coloured strappy heels

They were given a rapturous welcome as they arrived at the Roppongi Hills Arena today.

They've spent most of the summer attending premieres of the film in the U.S., Spain, Brazil, Germany, England, France, and Austria.
They even made an appearance on BBC2 show Top Gear to take part in the Star In A Reasonably Priced Car segment of the show.
But almost two months on, their smiles were still strong as they posed together on the red carpet.Advertisement

While Tom looked very casual in jeans, a jumper and a shirt, Cameron looked her usual glamorous self in a tight black dress by Bottega Veneta that showed off her enviable slender figure.
She accessorised with a wide black belt and very funky, black, orange and pink strappy heels by Jimmy Choo.

Speaking to the crowd, Tom said: 'I'm very glad to be here, this place is very special to me.'

Konnichiwa! Tom greets fans at Tokyo International Airport as he arrives for the premiere

Yesterday he stopped and chatted to fans at Tokyo International Airport and still managed to look fresh-faced despite the early hour.
And even though it was 7.30 in the morning, he was greeted by dozens of fans, some of which spent the night in nearby hotels the night before to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood star.
They will both be hoping for a better reception in Japan to the film than the one received in the U.S. and the UK.
Many described it as 'far-fetched' and 'unmotivated and senseless', while the Daily Mail's Chris Tookey said, 'even to try to make sense of the storyline is to risk incurable brain damage', and that 'lightweight entertainment doesn’t have to be this atrocious'.