Creating a secondary index

By Neha Kapoor
There are two types of indexes: Primary index and secondary index. Primary index is automatically created using the primary keys defined.
Secondary index could be created as per the user requirement. This article discusses about creating a secondary index.
Go to transaction SE11.

For our demo purpose, we have considered the table ZAUTHOR.
To know if there are any secondary indexes available, click on Goto Indexes

Following popup appears:

From the above screenshot, it is evident that there are no secondary indexes already created.
Click on Create Create Index

Enter the name of the index.

Fill in the details Short description and the fields in the index. Advertisement

Save and activate.
Now you can observe the index created above in the list now:

Maximum number of secondary indexes we can have are 9.
How to make SELECT statement to make use of any particular secondary index? click here Source: SAP Technical