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Thread: Screen shots: Creation of a Logical Database

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    Screen shots: Creation of a Logical Database


    By Kameswara Rao, IBM India
    Go to transaction 'SE36' or 'SLDB'.

    Enter the logical database name as shown above .

    If we are using Logical Database for HR purpose, we should check the check Box “Info types (HR only). Press CREATE ****on as shown above.
    It would prompt for package name and workbench request .

    On pressing Save ****on, following screen appears, prompting for the details of the root node.

    Click on create ****on. Following screen appears:

    Now enter the details of all the tables under LFA1 (as shown below).

    Click on create ****on.

    Click on create ****on.

    Now create a Node with hierarchically under LFB1.

    The above screen displays the LDB structure as per our requirements.
    We can maintain search help for the fields for the tables defined in structure.
    Click here to continue...

    Source: SAP Technical

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    For our demo purposes, let us provide search help for MATNR and WERKS.

    Let us use the standard search help available for MATNR and WERKS.

    The currency and quantity fields are automatically maintained here.

    Go back to the main screen

    Here we can design our own selection screen as per the requirements.

    Automatically created include with naming convention.

    Here by using above marked statement we can create Dynamic selection screen for different tables as per the requirements.

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    Creation of a Logical Database


    Database program (with some includes) are automatically created upon the creation of logical database:

    Go back to the main screen.

    Here we can maintain texts for select-options and parameters.

    Navigate to the main screen:

    Here we can maintain documentation for our created Z logical database.

    Click on Display.


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